10 Weirdest and Creepiest Things Hikers Have Discovered 

All kinds of creepy things happen in the woods. You may encounter something weird, terrifying, or downright inexplicable.  

Recently, a hiker asked fellow hikers what the weirdest and creepiest things they’ve ever discovered were. Here are some of their responses. 

10 Weirdest and Creepiest Things Hikers Have Discovered on Their Adventures

At the bottom of a cliff, they found a plastic bag filled with five or six wallets containing cards with women’s names—aged between teens and early 20s—from different areas of Australia.  

1. Missing Wallets

One hiker discovered a note written in French. After translating it, the line cautioned “Marcel” to remain silent, or the unknown party faced incarceration for twenty years. 

2. Avoid the Clink

Self-Guided Tours

One individual was in the woods with three friends when they and another detoured to a nearby friend’s home for food while two remained outside. Later, another friend entered, looked at the friend beside the user, and immediately raced out, screaming, “that’s not Kevin.” 

3. Doppleganger or Skinwalker

4. Collective Animal Remains

A hiker discussed the “tar pits” deep in rural Ohio. The pits are so deep and akin to quicksand that a person needs “hooking chains” attached to an excavator arm or bulldozer to get out if they get stuck. 

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