12 Best Hiking Trails Near Tulsa

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure but don’t want to go too far from Tulsa, you’re in luck.  There are plenty of great hiking trails to explore.  

Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike or an easy nature walk, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best hiking trails near Tulsa. 

12 Best Hiking Trails Near Tulsa

Close to Keystone Lake State Park, the Keystone Singletrack (Big Loop) Trail is an enjoyable hike 15-20 minutes from downtown Tulsa. This is a lovely hike close to the city if you want to get outdoors for some fresh air and a change of scenery. 

1. Keystone Singletrack (Big Loop) Trail

2. Keystone Ancient Forest Trails in Keystone State Park

The Keystone Ancient Forest is located about 20 minutes west of Tulsa. The area has moderate traffic, is well maintained, has a beautiful new visitor center, and the paths are all well-marked. 

Self-Guided Tours

Lake Bixhoma is 40 minutes from downtown Tulsa near Bixby, Oklahoma. It is one of the most remarkable trails to hike close to the city.  

3. Bixhoma Lake Loop Trail

4. Sawtooth Loop Trail Part of Claremore Mountain Bike Trail System

Located 35 minutes from downtown Tulsa, the Claremore Mountain Bike Trail System is a local hidden gem. Tucked in the woods against Claremore Lake, the community has built an excellent trail system for hikers and bikers. 

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