12 Cities With Stunning Natural Settings To Take Completely In

Finding the right city to live in can be a life-changing affair, and many factors are at play in choosing the city that works for you.  

For some, this means having resplendent nature on their doorstep—a recent online post shares people’s picks for the most beautiful nature-adjacent cities in the world. 

Cities With Stunning Natural Settings

Nestling on the western edge of British Columbia, with the North Shore Mountains to the north, the Canadian Cascades to the east, and Vancouver Island to the West, there is no shortage of natural spaces in Canada’s westernmost city. 

1. Vancouver, Canada

The ancient city sits on a series of hills, giving it a pleasing postcard quality from most angles. Furthermore, Scotland’s capital city also has activities for any nature lover. 

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

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With the brilliantly named Firth of Forth Bay to the north, there are beaches for summertime, Portland Hills Regional Park for year-round hiking and biking, and for the winter, Midlothian Snowsports Centre.  

3. Salzburg, Austria

“Salzburg is unreal,” writes an enthusiast for Austria’s medieval city. “So many viewpoints that blow me away every time — and I live here!” 

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With breathtaking views of the Eastern Alps, Mozart’s cultural heritage, and some of the most dazzling baroque architecture in Europe, Salzburg makes the cut. 

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