12 Unexpected Destinations for Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas adventure travel is the name of the game. Chasing an adrenaline rush with any number of extreme sports and experiences can make for an unforgettable adventure and an excellent travel story. 

Here are 12 unexpected spots for overseas adventure travel for the traveler looking for an unexpectedly adventurous getaway. From ice climbing in Africa to animal encounters in the Caribbean, you are guaranteed a memorable trip to these unique destinations. 

12 Unexpected Destinations for Overseas Adventure Travel

Sitting below the active Tungurahua volcano, Baños sits on the border of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest. Its rivers cascade down from the mountains, creating dozens of stunning waterfalls surrounding the city. 

Baños, Ecuador

That is where canyoning comes in. While it may not be the most well-known adventure sport, it sure is worth a try. What could be more thrilling than repelling down a rushing waterfall? 

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The four-day hike from the Incan stronghold of Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu might be one of the most famous treks on the planet. Still, far too many hikers miss out on the other incredible treks of the Sacred Valley. 

Sacred Valley, Peru

Mt. Etna, Sicily

Italy’s most famous ski destinations might be a bit further north in the Alps, but who could turn down the opportunity to ski down a volcano? With a view of the Mediterranean below, skiing on Mt. Etna in Sicily defines unexpected overseas adventure travel. 

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