14 Best Things To Do in Florida Outdoors to Tick Off Your Bucket List

Known for its golden beaches and thrilling theme parks, the “Sunshine State” brings in millions of visitors every year. That said, the best things to do in Florida go beyond suntanning and roller coaster riding.  

From spelunking to snorkeling to sponging, here are 14 of the best things to do in Florida. 

Sunshine State Bucket List: Best Things To Do in Florida Outdoor

First up, are the Everglades, of course! Officially known as Everglades National Park, this wetland habitat is known for its unique landscape and the animals that live in it. 

1. Check Out the Everglades

Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches are some of the most amazing shorelines in the U.S. From Panama City Beach to Clearwater Beach to Siesta Key, these beaches are graced with sparkling white sand, picture-perfect turquoise waters, and sunny skies.  

2. Hit the Beach on the Gulf Coast

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In other words, all of the things you need for a perfect day at the beach! 

3. Suntan on Canaveral National Seashore

While Florida’s Gulf Coast is known for some pretty beautiful beaches, the Atlantic Coast has quite a few stunning shorelines as well, including Canaveral National Seashore. 

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This national seashore is known for its 24 miles of untouched coastline, complete with golden sand and bright blue water. It’s a fantastic place for swimming, suntanning, and wildlife watching to your heart’s content. 

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