14 Top Beach Destinations in Florida to Add to Your Bucket List

If you’re looking for a great beach getaway, look no further than Florida. The Sunshine State is home to some of the best beaches in the country.  

Below we’ll review the cream of the crop – these are the best beaches in Florida. So pack your sunscreen, put on shades and get ready to hit the waves. 

14 Top Beach Destinations in Florida

Cocoa Beach is located on Florida’s Space Coast and is an excellent spot for surfing, fishing, or just lounging in the sun. This laid-back beach is a perfect spot for family fun and is home to the iconic Ron Jon Surf Shop. 

1. Cocoa Beach

2. South Beach

Welcome to South Beach—where the sun always shines, and the streets burst with stylish people, luxury cars, towering palm trees, and Art Deco architecture. A bustling seaside strip during the day, this iconic Miami beach transforms into a nightlife hotspot after dark.  

Self-Guided Tours

Located in scenic Destin, Florida, this beautiful beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast has excellent opportunities for family fun. Building sand castles, playing in the surf, camping, and fishing are a few favorite pastimes.

3. Henderson Beach State Park

4. Dry Tortugas National Park

The Dry Tortugas National Park is a beach paradise like no other. Its pristine sugar sand and turquoise waters make for a dreamy backdrop as you relax in the sunshine.  

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Find out the top beach destinations in Florida to add to your bucket list!