15 Big Things Europe Has That America Does Not

Are you curious about things Europe has that America does not? 

From the practical to the whimsical, people online have shared their thoughts. Here are the fifteen most prominent examples. 

Big Things Europe Has That America Does Not

One European said they needed help understanding why American stores don’t include taxes in their prices, which can make it difficult to calculate the final cost of an item. 

1. Tax Inclusion on Goods

Many people appreciate European bathroom stalls, designed to provide more privacy than American stalls. 

2. Bathroom Stalls

Self-Guided Tours

One person from Europe praised the well-funded public education systems in Europe, noting that many countries include post-secondary education in their system, unlike the American system. 

3. Well-Funded Public Education System

4. Fair Pay for Food Service Staff

In Europe, service staff is paid a fair wage, and the public is not expected to supplement their income through tips.  Several echoed this sentiment and mentioned that the European hospitality industry seems to have a different culture regarding tipping. 

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