15 Countries That Serve up the BEST Street Food Experience

There’s something about the vibrance of street food, the richness in  flavor, and the rawness of surrounding cultural scenes. Not only is  street food more affordable for travelers, but it grants a more  authentic experience since this is where natives also gather and  convene. 

With that said, here are 15 countries serving up the best street food experiences, as voted on by an online foodie forum. 

Countries That Serve up the BEST Street Food Experience

The street food scene in Thailand needs no introduction. From the sizzling stalls in Bangkok’s Chinatown to the buzzing night markets of  other regions, street dining in “The Land of Smiles” is just as warm and wonderful as the locals serving. 

1. Thailand

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Think tacos, tamales, and churros to your heart’s content. Oaxaca is officially renowned as the culinary capital, but with countless vendors  and a lively vibe, Mexico City also puts up a good fight. 

2. Mexico

3. India

Indian street food will also get you salivating. This country embraces seasoning and spice. Each region offers a unique take and covers many  bases, but for the most diverse culinary experience, Delhi is top. 

4. Malaysia

At once home to residents of Chinese, Indian, and Malay descent, the  food scene in Malaysia is the epitome of eclectic. Be sure to try a roti  canai and at least one pandan treat – and sample as many mamak stalls  as you can find. 

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No Vietnamese street food experience is complete without pho. This staple dish consists of chewy rice noodles served in a piping hot meat  broth with herb garnishes. 

5. Vietnam

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