15 Dangerous U.S. Cities You May Reconsider Visiting or Moving To 

You’re excited about planning a trip or considering moving to a new city. Still, you need to learn more about your destination.  

So it’s beneficial to keep up-to-date about how safe your chosen location is. We all know cities have their vibe and cool stuff, but there’s also the not-so-fun side of potential risks.  

Violence and property crimes make up the issues currently facing the following cities. 

Known for its industrial history and resilience, Detroit has faced challenges with crime rates.  While the city has progressed in recent years, specific neighborhoods still struggle with higher crime levels. 

1. Detroit, Michigan

2. St. Louis, Missouri

Like any central urban area, St. Louis has regions that experience higher crime rates. Researching neighborhoods is essential, particularly in certain parts of the city.  

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Enjoy the cultural attractions and explore with caution. 

3. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore has been working hard to combat crime and revitalize its communities. However, particular areas still face challenges.

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Researching safe neighborhoods and being mindful of your surroundings is essential when visiting or considering a move. 

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