15 Epic Travel Experiences Around the World People Swear By

The world has no shortage of epic experiences. Every country is ripe with adventure if you have an idea of your interests and are willing to look.  

For those wondering where to start the search, here are 15 travel experiences people in one online community swear by. 

Epic Travel Experiences Around the World People Swear By, Have You Been?

The planet’s largest tropical rainforest deserves a shoutout, but did you know it spreads through eight countries? Indeed, Brazil is not the only place to experience its plethora of wildlife. 

1. Amazon Jungle Tour

Any Tarzan fan will know that gorillas are intelligent creatures. Gorilla DNA is roughly 98% similar to that of humans. Thanks to conservation efforts and ethical tourism measures, you can track these fascinating animals in their natural habitat and observe their grace up close. 

2. Gorilla Tracking, Rwanda

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Costa Rica is another country applauded for its conservation. It is the first country in the world to reverse deforestation. From chasing waterfalls and zip lining over cloud forests, there is much to do here in the way of “epic-ness.” 

3. Rainforest Kayak Tour, Costa Rica

4. Volcano Acatenango Overnight Trek, Guatemala

This treat of an excursion is one of the most affordable on this list. The adventure starts at the trailhead, where you will climb for about five hours. Reach camp in time for sunset over the clouds before Volcano Fuego starts rumbling and spewing lava in the distance. 

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Prepare to reach Acatenango’s summit early the next morning, followed by a far less grueling descent back down. 

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