15 Exhilarating Things To Do in Colorado to Get High on Life 

Colorado is a nature lover’s dream. From hiking to skiing to whitewater rafting, there are so many exciting things to do in Colorado.  

You can’t go wrong in the beautiful “Centennial State,” as long as  you’re spending your time outdoors! We’re sharing things you can’t miss. 

Exhilarating Things To Do in Colorado

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Colorado is visit Rocky Mountain National Park. With its postcard-worthy mountains, thriving  greenery, and incredible wildlife, it’s breathtaking. 

1. Hike Through Rocky Mountain National Park

At 14,115 feet tall, Pikes Peak is one of the most popular Colorado landmarks. It stands out among the many other tall mountains in the  state – and you can venture to the top. 

2. Venture to the Top of Pikes Peak

Self-Guided Tours

The cool thing about Pikes Peak is its accessibility. If you’re active, you can hike or bike to the top.  

3. Tackle a 14er

Colorado is home to 58 14ers – or mountain peaks at least 14,000 feet high in elevation. That’s right, and Pikes Peak qualifies! 

Self-Guided Tours

In this mountainous state, the most avid hikers like to trek to the top of these towering summits. 

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