15 Must-Visit Foodie Destinations to Savor the Adventure

From tacos to pasta and dumplings to koeksisters, many countries and global cities know how to do food well with their delicious cuisine. 

Although there are more than 15 food destinations on the planet, these spots are a must-visit and should be added to your travel bucket list if you love eating your way through a vacation. 

Must-Visit Foodie Destinations on the Planet

Pho with homemade noodles, bun bo hue, a broth cooked all day; Vietnam does food like nobody’s business. What many travelers love about this country is that there has been a long history of trade bringing fusion and flavors, and the ingredients used are locally produced and fresh. 

1. Vietnam

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Immerse yourself in a delicious food scene the instant you enter Mexico City. The street food tastes as good as a fancy restaurant meal, costs a lot less, and you can enjoy it while taking in the city’s dance, art, and music. 

2. Mexico City, Mexico

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has fruit markets if you love fresh, juicy fruits in the morning. When considering Bangkok cuisine, think of dishes that include noodles, fresh seafood, pork, and vegetables.

4. Bologna, Italy

A traveler said that if Italian food is one of the world’s most sumptuous cuisines, then Bologna serves the world’s best Italian food. No matter what restaurant or cafe you find yourself in Bologna, you’ll taste incredible food. 

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San Sebastian has one of the most Michelin stars per square meter, meaning it has some of the best and freshest seafood. You can visit the markets where the top restaurants source their produce. 

5. San Sebastian, Spain

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