15 of the Weirdest Things People Have Ever Eaten While Traveling

There are many weird and wonderful things to experience while traveling, especially regarding food. 

It’s always good to try something new, and below are 15 foods that travelers have tried and tested. 

Weirdest Things People Have Ever Eaten While Traveling

Raw jellyfish is a popular street food in many parts of Asia, including Vietnam, China, Korea, and Malaysia. One traveler described the food as “weirdly crunchy” but enjoyed eating it. 

1. Raw, Salted Jellyfish in Vietnam

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Bitter melon or bitter gourd is a common fruit found in India, China, and parts of Africa. It can be incredibly bitter, especially for those trying it for the first time, but it has impressive health benefits, from helping with weight loss to controlling diabetes. 

2. Bitter Melon in India

3. Hakarl in Iceland

Greenland or sleeper shark, cured by fermentation and dried out for up to five months, is known as Hakarl. It tastes fishy and has a strong ammonia smell that many travelers find off putting and is an acquired taste. 

4. Khanon Jeen Nam Ngiao in Thailand

This spicy pork and noodle soup with cubes of congealed pork blood is made in Thailand, but variations of this meal can be found in other Asian countries. After tasting this soup, one traveler “went back two or three times” because it tasted so good. 

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Surströmming is a Baltic Sea herring that has been fermented and lightly salted. It’s a traditional Swedish cuisine that many eat on bread with chives, sour cream, or potatoes. 

5. Surströmming in Sweden

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