15 “Overrated” Cities People Don’t Understand Why Others Love

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Some destinations hold special places in our hearts, either because of a sentimental reason or a great experience we once had. We love these places so much we recommend them to friends and families. 

But only some see the appeal of your favorite travel spot. Some are hits, others are misses, and here are a few overrated cities you may want to skip. 

“Overrated” Cities People Don’t Understand Why Others Love

Residents and tourists alike don’t enjoy Miami. Miami is an expensive city with terrible traffic and a non-stop partying atmosphere. If you’re into materialism and living a costly lifestyle, go for it—otherwise, you may want to steer clear.


Travelers en masse have experienced the stereotypical “rude Parisians” and can’t say anything nice about the cleanliness either. The City of Lights may be on your European bucket list, but visitors agree there are other cities to visit instead.  



Aside from the historical sites throughout the city, people find that it isn’t the cleanest place to visit in China. Also, unless you’re fluent in Mandarin or used to Chinese culture, you might experience translation obstacles that could negatively affect your experience.  


Unfortunately, whether you’re in Manhattan or other neighborhoods in the city, you’ll still be faced with the expensive cost of living, dining out, and way too many people.  


As a major port city, there is a lot of travel in and out of Dubai, meaning tons of people. Visitors and residents also dislike how artificial everything feels about the city. And don’t forget the painfully hot summers and selfish drivers on the road. 


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