European Travel Hacks: 15 Tips to Enhance Your Journey and Avoid Pitfalls

International travel comes with excitement and a lot of planning. Part of the experience depends on how well-prepared you are for your trip. 

To ensure a fun and safe time abroad, check out some of these tips to get the most out of your stay.  

Tips to Enhance Your Journey and Avoid Pitfalls

There’s a stigma in Eastern Europe that pickpocketing happens all too frequently in this area. Unfortunately, travelers across Europe have experienced their fair share of pickpocketing. 

1. Pickpockets

It’s common to find restaurant employees or owners near the front door of their venue, readily handing you menus and pulling you into the restaurant to sit down. Some even walk alongside you down the street. Politely decline and be on your way.  

2. Pushy Restaurants

Canals run aplenty throughout Europe; not all are clearly marked or identified. Many small towns and villages have channels that flow right up to the street, and when the water is high or covered in grass, tourists have fallen in accidentally.  

3. Be Aware Of Canals

Similar to costumed street acts you’d see in Hollywood, there are areas throughout Europe with locals dressed in costumes. The gimmick is that they offer to take photos with you and then demand you pay for the pictures.  

4. Costumed Street Performers

Renting a car applies to travelers heading to major cities. If you plan to stick to the city, there is little need for a rental car since many cities are walkable with easy access to various shops, dining, and entertainment. 

5. Car Rentals

Find out more about the tips to get the most out of your stay!

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