15 Unique Hobbies People Think You Should Be Doing Too

How would you answer the question, “So what are your hobbies?” You probably like to read, bake, or garden. 

But imagine telling someone you make leather crafts or are an amateur  mycologist. Impress your friends and family by taking up a new, unique  hobby. 

Unique Hobbies People Think You Should Be Doing Too

Bladesmithing is an age-old trade. Bladesmiths traditionally work in a forge with a hammer, anvil, and heated metal to create knives, swords,  and other bladed weapons. 

1. Bladesmithing

Archery is a versatile sport and can be enjoyed for fun or in competition. One hobbyist archer mentioned it’s “great for improving  your breath control, being aware of small movements, and vision  changes.” 

2. Archery

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At its core, lockpicking is all about solving a puzzle. Once you understand how locks work you can quickly pick up this new skill.  

3. Lockpicking

4. Bird Watching

Bird watching can be enjoyed solo or in a group, and it allows you to  explore nature at the same time. You don’t even have to spend any money to get started. 

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Miniatures go beyond dollhouses and real estate development models. You  can create entire cities and worlds from the ground up and bring your  imagination to life. 

5. Miniature Model Building

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