16 Best Things to Do in St. Louis on Your Next Trip

Apart from being the second-largest city in Missouri, the list of things to do in St. Louis is endless! Whether you travel to spend the holiday with your family or explore world-class attractions as an outdoor adventurer, there is a special place for everyone in St. Louis. 

The city is filled with fantastic dining cuisines, a vibrant nightlife with top-level bars and breweries, arts and culture scenes, family-friendly activities, and hospitable residents. Though the list doesn’t stop here, these are some of the best things to do in St. Louis, Missouri. 

16 Best Things to Do in St. Louis on Your Next Trip

Every year, thousands of visitors flood into this impressive garden to witness the authentic display of art exhibits in an open and accessible city park. The park opened in 2009 with 24 outstanding sculptures owned and maintained by the city. 

1. Citygarden Sculpture Park

2. Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

Apart from being considered the oldest Catholic Cathedral in the United States, the Neo-Romanesque Basilica is the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. 

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You can’t afford to miss the striking interior filled with stunning mosaics and the fascinating details illustrated in the church domes on the first story of creations to the final judgment. 

3. Creve Coeur’s Airport Museum

Creve Coeur’s Airport museum is one of St. Louis’ best-kept secrets, where you get to learn and dig deeper into the historical facts of aviation, which is often synonymous with Charles Lindbergh.

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