20 Best Things to Do in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Known for its famous healing waters, Hot Springs National Park, and Bathhouse Row, visitors travel from all over the world to plan a romantic weekend soaking in luxury spas, gambling, and hiking or enjoying family fun adventures at the local theme park and museums. 

There are many things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the surrounding mountainous landscape. You’ll be mesmerized and want to keep coming back again and again. Keep reading for ideas to plan a fun vacation, weekend getaway, or road trip stop! 

Best Things to See and Do in and Around Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park, nicknamed “The America Spa,” has a long reputation for relaxation and healing. Soaking is allowed at this urban park in the bathhouses along Bathhouse Row. 

1. Hot Springs National Park

There are eight bathhouses along Hot Springs National Park’s famous Bathhouse Row. The bathhouses were constructed between 1892 and 1923. Each bathhouse is unique, with some decorated with marble, sculptures, and art. 

2. Bathhouse Row

Self-Guided Tours

The Visitor Center for Hot Springs National Park is the Fordyce Bathhouse. It is now a museum; when you walk inside, you’ll be awed by its elegance.  

3. Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center Fordyce Bathhouse

4. The Grand Promenade

Behind Bathhouse Row is the Grand Promenade. This beautiful cobblestone trail is about a half mile long (one way), offering views of the town, Central Avenue, and Bathhouse Row. 

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