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20 Best Things to Do on Dauphin Island

If you’re looking for the best things to do on Dauphin Island, you’re in the right place! Dauphin Island is an incredible gem of Alabama.

The island boasts 7-miles of sugar-white sand public beaches, clear water, beautiful weather, and fewer crowds.

The beaches are dog-friendly! Dauphin Island is the perfect Gulf Coast retreat to relax, recharge, and explore. We share all the best things to do to help you have a great trip.

20 Best Things to Do on Dauphin Island Alabama

Visitors pay to park and walk along the pier out towards miles of beautiful sugar sand beach. The water is clear and the beach is pet-friendly.

1. Dauphin Island Beach

2. Dauphin Island East End Beach

There is less parking for this beach, and the water is not as clear on this side of the island. However, this east side of the island is home to protected sand dunes for nesting sea turtles, shore and sea birds.

3. Dauphin Island West End Beach

The West End Beach is located near a popular residential and vacation home area of the island.

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