20 Most Scenic Places To Go Camping in the United States 

Do you camp? Does the idea of breathing in shared air with wildlife stir up joy? Do you jump at the thought of sleeping in the woods? 

Then here are 20 scenic camping spots across the United States. 

Most Scenic Places To Go Camping in the United States

Still, nothing beats waking up to the possibility of a black bear strolling through your yard, blossoming trees dotting your land in the spring, or peering out from your cabin and seeing families of deer frolicking through the snow. 

1. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee and North Carolina

2. Badlands National Park, South Dakota

When I traveled to the Badlands, the red rocks mesmerized me. 

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Rock formations jet thousands of feet into the sky, and buffalo roam through the park, unaware and inattentive toward the human visitors setting up camp. 

3. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The Valley of Fire State Park has one of the most incredible hikes I’ve had the pleasure of taking.  

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Similar to the Badlands, bright red rocks grace the scenery, evoking wonder in visitors. However, this park isn’t reduced to just red rock. 

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