2023 Update of the Top 15 Most Visited National Parks in the USA

Do you love spending time outside and immersing yourself in gorgeous landscapes — maybe you’d like a side of history tossed in for good measure. The National Park Service reports over 300 million recreational visits to its parks, parkways, and memorials every year by people just like you. 

It’s such a long list of sites; how do you decide which ones to see or  which is the best national park for your specific trip? We’ve got you  covered!

Top 15 Most Visited National Parks in the USA

It might seem strange that a parkway would garner so much attention, but you’re looking at over 460 miles through some of North America’s  most captivating landscapes. 

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

2. Golden Gate National Recreation Area

As one of the most visited national parks in the US, Golden Gate National Recreation Area attracts millions annually. 

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Nature lovers will appreciate the chance to explore over a dozen unique ecosystems, home to thousands of plants and animals.  

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Aside from the chance to see remarkable species of flora and fauna, you  can hike and explore virtually untouched landscapes or fish in several  thousand miles of streams. 

Self-Guided Tours

History buffs will appreciate the dozens of well-preserved structures, including barns, farmhouses, churches, and grist mills. 

Find out all the reasons why you need to visit, and what to expect when you do!

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