27 Epic Road Trips to Take from Tulsa – Just Go!

Road tripping from Tulsa is an excellent idea for a weekend, and we’ve got some fun suggestions on places to go!

This article has ideas for destinations within four hours of Tulsa in Oklahoma and Arkansas to help you plan a road trip you’ll never forget.

Easy Road Trip Ideas from Tulsa  in Oklahoma

To make a fun day trip from Tulsa, drive the historic Route 66 route to Acadia and stop for lunch or a soda at Pops 66 Soda Ranch.

1. Route 66 Historic Route

2. Greenleaf State Park

The park is famous for its backpacking trail, The Ankle Express. The lower section of the trail takes hikers across an epic swinging bridge.

3. Robbers Cave State Park

A short 2-hour drive from Tulsa, Robbers Cave State Park is the perfect road trip. Plan an easy day trip there and back, or stay and camp.

4. Salt Plains State Park

The Oklahoma salt flats are located west of Great Salt Plains Lake. The north side of the lake is quite lush and has camping along with the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, while the west side of the lake is truly a barren salt flat.

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