3 Best Things to Add to Your Tulsa Bucket List (From a Local)

Discover 25 attractions to see and do in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Teetering culturally between the Midwest and South, Tulsa is a fun city to live in and visit.  

Known for its oil tycoon art deco and Route 66, this city has so much to offer. Keep reading for the ultimate Tulsa bucket list adventure. 

3 Tulsa Bucket List Attractions to See

Gathering Place has got to be one of the top public parks to visit in the US. The park cost over $465 million to build and it has a lot to see and do.  

1. Gathering Place

2. Tulsa River Parks

Since you’ll be visiting Gathering Place, walk towards the river to the paved trail along the Arkansas River. Locals bike, walk, play disc golf, picnic, and actively bird watch for fresh air. 

Self-Guided Tours

Tulsa River Parks is a great area for the community and visitors to get outdoors. 

3. Rent Scooters

Rent scooters along Tulsa River Parks if you don’t feel like walking. People of all ages let their hair down to explore and cruise on the scooter for miles.  

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Find out the best things to add to your Tulsa bucket list!