30 Best Items to Create a DIY Simple Camp Kitchen 

One of the best parts about camping is cooking under the open sky.  But what if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on kitchen camping gear? 

You can create your own DIY camp kitchen with just 30 items! This guide will show you how to set everything up, so you can cook and eat well outdoors. Let’s get started! 

Ultimate List of Camp Kitchen Essential

Here's what you need: 1. Hot water kettle 2. Cooking pan 3. Coffee mugs 4. Water jugs/bottles to refill 5. Coffee press

6. Kitchen towel(s) 7. Two Plate 8. Two Bowls 9. Two silverware sets: fork, knife, spoon 10. Cutting board

Self-Guided Tours

11. Cutting knife 12. Spatula 13. Tong 14. Foil: unless you want to cook on the grill directly. 15. Two cups

Where To Purchase Simple Camp Kitchen Item

We have purchased most of our items from REI, Walmart, and of course, Amazon

We have a kitchen bag stored away and ready to go for all our road trips and camping adventures. You can do the same for your own setup!

Have a Camp Kitchen Bin or Tote Stored and Ready

Find out more items to create a DIY simple camp kitchen!

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