​​37 Amazing Amtrak Routes You Can Take Across the USA

Train travel is underrated. It’s cheap, relaxing, scenic, and  environmentally friendly. Amtrak, the nation’s rail network, has more than 35 routes and 500 destinations in 46 states. 

Below we’ll explore all of the Amtrak routes you can currently take in the United States. We also share which routes allow your fur babies! 

Northeast Amtrak Route

The Acela Amtrak route is the perfect Northeast adventure from Boston, MA, to DC. If you choose to ride the entire way, it will take around 7 hours.  

1. Acela

The Ethan Allen Express Amtrak route travels from New York City to  Rutland, Vermont. The trip is around 7 hours and 30 minutes and offers gorgeous views of the Hudson River Valley. 

2. Ethan Allen Express

Self-Guided Tours

There are also several stops in New York and Vermont with bus connections to Killington, VT, if you plan to take a ski trip. 

3. Adirondack

If you’re looking to visit Montreal from the New York City area, the Adirondack Amtrak route is a great option. The entire ride will take around 10 hours. 

Self-Guided Tours

There are upstate New York stops with scenic views of the Hudson Valley wine country and the Adirondack mountains. 

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