Important Facts That People Ignore About Zombie Apocalypses

If a zombie apocalypse were upon us today, how would you survive? Many people have the uttermost confidence in their survival, while others do not. In an online forum, people discuss numerous things others need to consider.  

And many are hard truths or valuable knowledge that would be beneficial not to ignore should the world become overrun with zombies. Here are things to consider. 

4 Really Important Facts

There’s not going to be any power. All on-grid utilities will stop working as we know it. So hopefully you have a supply of batteries for your flashlight and a lighter for your fire. 

1. There Will Be No Power

2. No Fuel or Gas

After we drain all the gas stations of gas, there will not be a resupply of fuel. That means cars will become useless. I hope you have a bicycle ready to go. 

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Beyond pain relievers, insulin, and antibiotics, many rely on other meds to function daily. 

3. No Medicine

4. Vision and Dental Care Won’t Exist

Much like various medicines, we take access to vision and dental care for granted. But these are things people rarely acknowledge in their zombie apocalypse scenario discussions.  

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And do we ever see characters needing glasses, contacts, or dentistry in these movies or shows? 

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