4 Most Dangerous Cities: Where Crime Rates Are Off the Chart

There are many ways to measure the danger of any given city—robberies, physical assaults, and even the number of fatal work accidents. However, there is one universally-accepted metric for gauging danger: the homicide rate.  

Based on the most recent statistics, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa have a disproportionate number of high-violence cities. We’ll limit this list to one city per country to avoid piling on. 

4 of the World’s Most Dangerous Cities

Though Mexican cities like Colima, Zamora, and Ciudad Obregon could also occupy this spot (depending on which resource you cite), Tijuana has the most name recognition.  

1. Tijuana, Mexico

2. Caracas, Venezuela

Though homicide statistics vary yearly (a different U.S. city can hold the dubious distinction of Homicide Capital each year), you’ll find Caracas, Venezuela, near the top of the Most Dangerous Cities list most years.  

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3. Natal, Brazil While many sectors of Brazil (including Rio de Janeiro) are seeing unbridled upticks in violent crime, Natal is Brazil’s most dangerous city.  

4. Cape Town, South Africa

The homicide trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius brought public attention to the rash of home invasions in Cape Town. 

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Documentaries about modern-day Cape Town detail private security forces, absurd home defense measures, and a city on the brink due to out-of-control crime. 

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