4 Fun Reasons To Visit Oak Mountain State Park Outside Birmingham, Alabama

If you love the outdoors and are traveling near Birmingham, Alabama, Oak Mountain State Park is the place to be! Continue reading for inspiration to plan an epic trip with 17 fun outdoor things to do. 

This beautiful state park offers many outdoor activities. Enjoy the oak-covered hills, waterfalls, and lakes with your family and friends. With all the park activities offered, you will have an exciting time outdoors. 

Best Things To Do at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama

One of the best things to do at Oak Mountain State Park is swim in the lakes during the hot summer months. There are multiple lakes. 


Self-Guided Tours

The two main beaches to swim at are located at Double Oak Lake and Beaver Lake. The beach at Double Oak Lake is off Terrace Drive, and the beach at Beaver Lake is located near the Aquapark by Flipside (more on the Aquapark below). 

Paddle Boarding, Canoeing, & Kayaking

If you are looking for a different activity, why not go paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking? You can bring your own boat or rent boats at the marina. 

Cable Wakeboarding

Oak Mountain State Park has one of the largest wakeboarding cable parks in the U.S. The Aquapark is such a neat place to learn how to wakeboard. No boat is necessary. Experienced wakeboarders are welcome too. 

Self-Guided Tours

You can catch bream, bass, crappie, and even catfish at the lakes here. Three of the lakes are stocked and open year-round for fishing. Oak Mountain State Park only allows electric motor fishing boats if you’re not planning on fishing from the shoreline. 


Find out the rest of the reasons why to visit Oak Mountain State Park!

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