4 Things That Aren’t Cults but Absolutely Feel Like a Cult

By definition, cults are groups that band together over a set of beliefs or practices looked down upon by society. Most cults revolve around religion or faith-based beliefs, but several groups that aren’t classified as cults resemble cults today. 

According to an online forum, these are 4 cult-like groups that aren’t considered cults.  

4 Things That Aren’t Technically Cults but Absolutely Feel Like a Cult

Scream Queens satirized the idea of Greek Life. Yet, millions of college students pledge to a fraternity or sorority each year. 

1. Greek Life

2. Disney 

One person shares that they live in Orlando and find those who worship Disney resemble cult members. 

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The cult isn’t just Disney fans, but those who make it their entire personality, what with purchasing every release from Disney, living at the amusement parks, and interjecting a fun fact about Walt Disney’s dreamland in each conversation.   

3. Multi-Level Marketing 

MLM schemes employ workers, for little or no pay, to sell a specific product with a promise to move up in the company and make the big bucks. 

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A lot of people don’t care to keep up with The Kardashians. Besides the royal family, the most famous family has over 20 shows dedicated to their lives and built multi-billion dollar industries in the beauty scene.

4. Kardashian Fans

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