40 Things to Do in the Black Hills: Summer Guide

Are you planning a trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota? Get travel inspiration with the 40 best things to do during your summer vacation or road trip. Plan an unforgettable summer road trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota!

Continue reading for ideas on outdoor activities as well as local attractions, including hiking, camping, swimming, stargazing, sightseeing, touring bucket list national parks, and panning for gold.

40 Things to Do in the Black Hills: The Ultimate Summer Guide

Hot Springs, South Dakota, is home to natural hot springs. Spend a few hours soaking and relaxing at Evans Plunge, famed for being one of the Black Hills’ oldest attractions.

1. Soak in the Evans Plunge Hot Springs Pool

2. Visit Mammoth Site

Mammoth Site is a dig site and museum with fossils of Mammoths from the Late Ice Age. It is an interesting and highly educational place to visit, especially if you’d like to see ancient Mammoth bones!

Self-Guided Tours

It is extraordinary that the Black Hills are home to multiple natural wonder karst and cave systems. Go for an unforgettable tour underground and explore Wind Cave.

3. Tour Wind Cave National Park

4. Keep a Lookout for Buffalo

The older buffalo like to hang out in Wind Cave National Park where there are rolling hills and prairie land. You cannot visit the Black Hills without seeing buffalo!

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