5 Items to Create a DIY Simple Camp Kitchen

One of the best parts about camping is cooking under the open sky. So, we thought it necessary to speak to how to create a simple camp kitchen. 

You can create your own DIY camp kitchen with just 30 items! This guide will show you how to set everything up, so you can cook and eat well outdoors. Let’s get started! 

5 Simple Camp Kitchen Items

Like the split version in the photos – one side for the stove and the other as a table. 

Camp table 

Coleman Propane Stove 

You can get on Amazon for a great price! 

Self-Guided Tours

Buy in bulk from SAMs club – way cheaper. 



We like the bic flex want lighters, so we don’t burn ourselves. These lighters flex to what you are trying to light, and you get more bang for your buck if you buy a pack. 

For starting wood fires the rustic way (or just use a lighter). 

Flint stick 

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Find out more about the items to create a DIY simple camp kitchen!