5 Reasons This Digital Nomad Is Happier Since He Quit Traveling

Many people dream about the idea of jet-setting around the world full-time. However, a digital nomad traveling the world nonstop has made a shocking revelation that might surprise travelers, or perhaps it is relatable.  

He’s happier than ever, thanks to his decision – to quit nomadic traveling. For the sake of his story, we’ll call him Jack.

5 Big Reasons This Digital Nomad Is Happier Since He Quit Traveling

Jack found that he is now better at his job since he has returned to a more permanent home. He works from home, and his productivity has significantly increased since he has a dedicated workspace with a real desk, a giant external monitor, and an expensive office chair. 

1. Job Proficiency Improved

2. Feels Like Home

A permanent home filled with his items and collectibles makes the place feel more like “home.” He can finally possess physical books again, which he enjoys. 

Self-Guided Tours

Jack is no longer limited to living with pots and pans and mix-matched items that looks like he is from a junkyard. 

3. Establishing Meaningful Connections and Avoiding Social Isolation is Crucial

Additionally, Jack now has a list of people to call if he wants to go out and do something. 

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