50 Best Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

I love a good list of solid tips and travel hacks. Recently, I encountered a thorough checklist that one digital nomad collected from polling a popular online traveling community. 

Travelers Raved About These Tips

1. Give your travel itinerary to a friend or family member who is not traveling with you. 2. For international travel, look for flights in the airline’s native language for potential savings. 3. Consider asking wait staff, bartenders, or the hotel cleaning staff for local recommendations instead of the concierge or front desk.

1. Roll everything, fold nothing. 2. The best room in a cheaper hotel is often better than a standard room in an expensive one. 3. Travel mates are often more important than the destination. 4. Disguise expensive photography gear with duct tape or gaff tape. It will look damaged and cheap, and no one will steal it. 5. To get the best light and low crowds for photos, wake up early at your destination.

Five More Helpful Hacks

Navigation is Critical

Self-Guided Tours

1. Download the city map and Google Translate for offline use. 2. Call your airline when a flight is canceled. Do not stand in line to speak with an agent. 3. When it’s too late to cancel your hotel reservation and get a refund, try to call and push back your reservation to next week. Then call back a few hours later and cancel your “new” reservation.

4. Browse helpful apps like CityMapper.com. It will show multiple ways to get to your destination, including rental and mass transit options. 5. Find the subreddit of the city you’re traveling to and search threads like “best food in the city” for hidden gems.

1. Pack an extension cord and a three-port charger to charge multiple devices simultaneously. 2. Plane sleepers: determine what side of the plane the sun will be on ahead of time and book your seat on the opposite side. 3. Pack lightly. Purchase cheaper items such as shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner at your destination.

Packing and Saving

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