6 Budget-friendly Things to Do in Bali for a Winter Escape

It’s official: people in the Northern Hemisphere have traded their screen doors for snow tires. Meanwhile, the monsoon season has kept Bali’s doors from remaining open. The benefit for the winter-fatigued?

Experts estimate that 14% of Americans experience the winter blues, with another 6% suffering from a more serious related condition, seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Things to Do in Bali During the Winter

If Uluwatu doesn’t ring a bell, this likely will: Padang Padang Beach in Uluwatu was the filming site for “Eat Pray Love.”

1. Beach Hop in Uluwatu

2. See Why Bali Gets Its Nickname “The Island of Gods”

Bali is the center of Hinduism in Indonesia, with Islam being the primary religion elsewhere in the country.

Self-Guided Tours

Every morning, Hindu Balinese prepare elaborate offerings to the gods, complete with incense and frangipani blooms. You’ll see these offerings around the over 10,000 temples in Bali.

3. Dedicate a Day to Ubud

People often dub Ubud the “cultural capital” of Bali, and for a good reason—many private entrances lead to family-owned Hindu temples. It’s also a hub for traditional art and dances.

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