7 Unique Oklahoma State Parks to Add to Your Bucket List

Oklahoma is more than just the state where tornadoes happen! It’s also home to several incredible state parks that you may not have heard about before.

Our article looks at these hidden gems and provides some tips on planning your next visit. If you love being outdoors, then this article is for you.

7 Epic Oklahoma State Parks

The park is out of this world as far as diverse landscapes go. An ocean once covered Oklahoma, and the salt plains are left over from prehistoric times.

1. Salt Plains State Park

2. Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara State Park is another one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets (not to be confused with Utah’s Little Sahara Recreation Area).

3. Gloss Mountain State Park

Gloss Mountain State Park is a great place to go for rock scrambling, hiking, and exploring.

4. Robbers Cave State Park

Robbers Cave State Park is another unique park located in Oklahoma’s Sans Bois Mountains (and one of our personal favorites). It is home to a huge cave which visitors to the area can explore.

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