8 Best African Safari Experiences for Your Adventure Bucket List

Long a bucket list travel experience, a safari is a must for wildlife enthusiasts and those looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure. But where should you begin with countless safari parks, lodges, and one-of-a-kind animal experiences to choose from when planning a safari? 

While the best safari destinations in Africa offer different experiences with exquisite wildlife and stunning scenery, these are the most impressive African safari experiences worth considering for your trip. 

8 Best African Safari Experiences

Once known as the five big game animals most dangerous to hunt on the plains of Africa, the famous “Big Five” animals are now a favorite bucket list of impressive animals to spot and photograph while on safari.  

1. Spot The Big Five of Africa

2. Take a Self-driving Safari in Kruger National Park

While not all areas allow for self-driving safaris, national parks like the iconic Kruger National Park in South Africa enable visitors to explore the unfenced areas themselves, offering the unparalleled opportunity to shape your safari experience. 

Self-Guided Tours

While self-driving safaris may not be something every traveler looks forward to, they can be an incredible way to craft your own independent African safari experience. 

3. Witness The Great Wildebeest Migration

Considered among the last large-scale migrations of land animals on Earth, the great wildebeest migration is truly a sight to behold.  

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