A Gem You Can’t Miss: Stunning Beauty of the Colorado National Monument

The Colorado National Monument is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Colorado. With its dramatic red rock formations and twisting canyons, it’s easy to see why.  

If you’re visiting the monument, here are some things you should check out – and it is easy to see in one day! 

Discover the Stunning Beauty of the Colorado National Monument

The Saddlehorn Visitor Center is located near the west entrance or Fruita side. Here you can find brochures, hiking information, and restrooms. 

Colorado National Monument Visitor Center

How Much Does It Cost to Get into the Colorado National Monument?

There is an entrance fee to enter the park. The costs are:  – $25 per vehicle (valid for 7 consecutive days); – $20 per motorcycle; or, – The Annual America the Beautiful Pass is accepted (which is $80 annually)

Self-Guided Tours

Below are estimated distances from a few of the surrounding major cities to plan an epic road trip: Distance from Denver to Colorado National Monument – about 250 mile Distance from Salt Lake City – about 275 mile Distance from Vail – about 160 mile

Arriving at the Colorado National Monument

Be sure to plan your road trip to arrive during daylight so you can see the incredible beauty of the surrounding area and navigate the winding roads wherever you are coming from. 

Self-Guided Tours

– No electric hookup – No shower – Restrooms: flushing toilets and water – during summer – 40 ft length limit for recreational vehicle – Campfires not permitted

Saddlehorn Campground Details

Find out more about how to spend one perfect day in the Colorado National Monument!

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