Adventure Awaits: 4 Best Summer Travel Destinations You Need

With summer approaching quickly, there are several great places to find the perfect vacation, from picturesque sandy beaches to once-in-a-lifetime mountain views.

If there were ever a destination made for families, it would be a beautiful strip of sandy beach. Some popular choices on a recent online forum listed several lovely spots; here are two of them. 

Beaches Deliver Summer Fun

This sweet spot is a customary stop for many seeking sun and healthy beaches. As part of Indonesia, you’ll be able to experience the flavor and culture of this exotic land. 

1. Bali

2. The Maldives

This gorgeous string of islands in the Indian Ocean has some seriously stunning beaches. Plenty of the islands also offer bungalows that sit directly on some of the most pristine waterways on Earth. 

Self-Guided Tours

If you’re looking to tour these beautiful mountains, you can find the top five peaks; Douferspitze, the Dom, the Liskamm, the Weisshorn, and the Matterhorn, to be in high demand for good reason. 

3. The Swiss Alps

4. Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains

Home to eight of the highest mountain peaks in the world, including Mount Everest, Nepal has plenty to offer anyone looking to take in a great view during their holiday. 

Self-Guided Tours

Whether you want to learn how to prepare Nepalese cuisine or look for the elusive one-horned rhinos at Chitwan National Park, there is an abundance of activities to keep you busy on a trip to Nepal. 

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