Airplane Window: 10 Most Beautiful Things Travelers Have Seen

Window-seat travelers know what aisle-seat people don’t: some of the  most beautiful sights of your life can be found right outside your  airplane window. 

Recently, experienced jet-setters met in an online discussion to reveal  the most gratifying and wonderful things they ever saw while traveling  30,000 feet in the air. 

Most Beautiful Things Travelers Have Seen Out of an Airplane Window

Only a tiny handful of people get to experience visiting Antarctica. But these travelers say the same thing. They are consistently blown away by the miles of glaciers and icebergs framing the most pure-blue ocean water they’d ever seen. 

1. The Antarctic Coast

While getting caught in a thunderstorm is nobody’s definition of a good time, witnessing it from high above while flying through the air is a cathartic experience. 

2. A Thunderstorm Far Below

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“It was just fascinating to stare at for quite a while as the plane took  a perfectly safe path around it in bright blue daylight,” remembers one woman.  

3. Europe For the First Time

As someone who could never travel overseas until last year, almost everything I saw from the plane’s window was breathtaking.  

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Visiting a new continent represents excitement, hope, and a feeling of  invincibility, and I hope I can hold onto that feeling for a long time. 

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