Alamo City:  3 Things to Do in San Antonio on Vacation

San Antonio is a tourist paradise filled with mouthwatering cuisine, historical sites, and quirky attractions. It’s the ideal city for a trip to the southwest and one of the best places to visit in Texas. 

Plan your trip to the Alamo City with these 3 top things to do in San Antonio! 

3 Things to Do in San Antonio on Vacation

The infamous battle of the Alamo took place within what is now downtown San Antonio. The epic struggle immortalized the heroic battle cries “Come and Take it!” and “Remember the Alamo!” 

1. Remember the Alamo

2. Explore the Iconic San Antonio River Walk

One of San Antonio’s most famous attractions is a 15-mile stretch of pedestrian trail along the San Antonio River.

Self-Guided Tours

The downtown portion of the River Walk is a tourist’s dream. It’s filled with restaurants and bars offering tasty takeaway libations, allowing visitors to stroll the river with a margarita in hand or dine in an outdoor café overlooking the canal. 

3. Savor a Truly Unique Culinary Experience

San Antonio is one of only three cities in the country featuring a Culinary Institute of America, one of the world’s most prestigious culinary arts academies.  

Graduates become executive chefs, independent restaurant owners, and top-of-the-line bakers at restaurants around the globe. 

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