The Best 10 Museums that Travelers Are Advocating for You To Visit

Museums teach and inspire travelers around the world. From historical artifacts in Scotland and fine art in France to modern pieces in New York, these ten museums are raved about in an online travel forum and are worth visiting. 

Best Museums Travelers Are Advocating for You To Visit

Documenting the World War II atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum displays objects to convey the horror of nuclear weapons.  

1. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Hiroshima)

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One self-proclaimed museum professional states the museum had “incredibly well-designed exhibits that amplify the emotional aspect.” 

This unique museum exhibits pieces submitted by the brokenhearted to commemorate breakups. One fan states that the exhibits “range from sweet, to hilarious, to heartbreaking.” 

2. Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb)

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Another fan planned an entire solo trip to Europe to see the Museum of Broken Relationships and “was not disappointed.” 

3. National Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh)

There’s plenty to see at the National Museum of Scotland. 

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This free museum offers a “wonderful collection of Viking and Celtic artifacts, the Lewis chessmen, Dolly the Sheep, and an amazing gallery of fashion/style through the ages,” claims one visitor. 

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