Camping Gifts: 25 Gift Ideas to Make Happy Campers

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for the camping enthusiast, look no further! Here are 25 awesome camping gifts to make the next trip even more memorable.

We are sharing some of our favorite items to help you find the perfect present for the camping lover in your life! With this guide, you’re sure to give a gift that sparkles the eyes of your friend or loved one. 

25 Awesome Camping Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Camp

Take it camping, on road trips, to the beach, or soaking at a hot springs. It dries fast and doesn’t hold odors. It is a great all-around item for the person on the go. Colors vary seasonally.

Nomadix Original Towel

Patagonia makes fantastic toilet tree bags for camping trips. The black hole cubes come in multiple sizes: 3L, 6L and 10L. 

Patagonia Black Hole Cube 10L Bag

Self-Guided Tours

It is waterproof and great for protecting personal belongings from the weather. The 40L is just the right size! 

Patagonia Duffel Bag

NEBO Torchy Flashlight

This tiny flashlight packs a bright punch! It is one of the items we never go camping without and is such a neat camping gift idea (or stocking stuffer). It has a portable charger, so you can say goodbye to changing batteries. 

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