Want to Be a Ski Bum? Here’s How to Become a Snowboard or Ski Instructor in Colorado

Have you ever wondered how to spend an entire winter snowboarding and skiing in some of the most exclusive mountain resorts in the United States?

Suppose you like snowboarding or skiing but want to spend more than a few days on the snow every season. This article will share exactly how to become a snowboard or ski instructor in Colorado.

Colorado Snowboard and Ski Instructor Training

Many skiers and riders (snowboarders) have not considered the possibility of becoming an instructor because they don’t know what the process is like or think they are not skilled enough to get a job as an instructor.

Big Mountains are Always Looking for New Instructors

The Job Description

As an instructor, you will be responsible for improving your student’s skills on the mountain. This involves working with people of all ages and abilities.

What to Realistically Expect

If you have no certification, you will likely be teaching beginners—people who have never skied or snowboarded before.

Getting Hired Without Experience is Possible

However, resorts have experienced instructors and ‘resort trainers’ that teach aspiring instructors how to do the job and improve their skiing and riding skills.

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Find out how you can become a ski or snowboard instructor in Colorado!