Discover the Stunning Beauty of the Colorado National Monument

The Colorado National Monument is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Colorado. With its dramatic red rock formations and twisting canyons, it’s easy to see why. 

If you’re visiting the monument, here are some things you should check out – and it is easy to see in one day! 

Stunning Beauty of the Colorado National Monument

If you love the outdoors and the environment, you have most likely heard of John Muir. John Muir was one of the founding fathers of the environmental land ethics movement. They say John Otto was the same, advocating to preserve and protect the Colorado National Monument area. 

Colorado National Monument History

We have written this guide so you can avoid crowds, get the most out of your time, and see as many of the viewpoints and sights as possible. “The Monument,” what locals call it, is one of the most remarkable destinations in Colorado. 

Colorado National Monument: Best Things to See

Self-Guided Tours

– Drive the historic Rim Rock Scenic Drive – Check out the main viewpoints along the historic Rim Rock Scenic Drive – Photograph the incredible desert scape, monoliths, and sandstone wall – Go on a short hike or two

The best things to see and do are: 

Colorado National Monument Itinerary

How to Do the Historic Rim Rock Scenic Drive: You can either enter the Monument from the east or west entrance. The east entrance is the Grand Junction side, and the west entrance is the Fruita side.  

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