Every Solo Female Traveler Should Know These 11 Things

Solo female travel has become quite popular lately, yet many women still feel unsafe traveling alone. We’ll dispel the myth that solo travel is dangerous and share 11 tips every solo female traveler should know to stay safe on her first trip. 

It’s no secret that females, in general, need to be more cautious than males in every aspect of life, but this shouldn’t keep us from traveling alone. We have lots to discuss, so let’s dive right in. 

11 Things Solo Female Travelers Should Know to Stay Safe

Whether you want to travel the world or visit a few different countries, research is the most important thing for solo female travel.  Assuming this is your first solo trip, find out which countries are the safest and which are not. 

1. South Africa: not safe to walk alone at night 2. Brazil: 3rd worst rate of intentional homicide against women 3. Russia: 2nd worst rate of homicide against women 4. Egypt: not safe to walk alone at night/gender inequality issue 5. Afghanistan: many reports of violence against women

Below is a small list of five countries considered unsafe for solo female travel. 

It’s essential to do some research if you plan on traveling to any of those locations.  Also, when researching the most dangerous countries for solo female travelers, remember that some of the crimes committed in these countries are among locals, not against tourists. 

Self-Guided Tours

Remember when choosing your destination that every country, worldwide, has danger to some extent.  Some of the top destinations in the world have had tragedies involving solo female travelers. 

If political unrest or war occurs in a particular country, it’s best to avoid it for the time being. Put it on your bucket list to visit when it’s safe again. 

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