Exactly How to Stand-Up Paddle Board to the Mokes in Oahu

We are sharing exactly how to stand-up paddle board to the Mokes, which are the two islands off the windward coast of Oahu. If a stand-up paddle board (SUP) trip to Oahu’s famous Na Mokulua islands is on your Oahu bucket list, you’re in the right place! 

Stand-up paddle boarding on the ocean is a whole new way to experience Oahu’s beautiful clear waters. Find out how you can try it for yourself by reading this article! 

How to Stand-up Paddle Board to the Mokes

Kailua Beach Adventures is one of the best places to rent paddle boards near Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach Park. They provide the SUPs and other gear you may need for a paddling adventure. 

Where to Rent SUP Gear & Get an Offshore Island Landing Permit

You can pay for a self-guided tour if comfortable or are experienced paddle boarding on the ocean. 

Do a Self-Guided Tour

Self-Guided Tours

This includes a safety video, things to consider while paddling on the sea, and the route recommended for paddling.   The self-guided package also consists of an offshore island landing permit. 

What is the Offshore Island Landing Permit for?

Paddlers must obtain an offshore island landing permit to land on the larger island, Moku Nui, during a paddling adventure. 

Self-Guided Tours

The Mokulua Islands, and Mokulua Islets Seabird Sanctuary, are considered protected bird sanctuaries. The island landing permit allows paddlers to visit Moku Nui and walk on the shore. 

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