Experience Grand Junction Rafting: Camping, Hiking, and Yoga Along the Colorado River

Home to the famous Colorado National Monument, McInnis Canyons National Recreation Area, and the Colorado River, Western Colorado is one of America’s best-kept secrets when it comes to adventure travel, especially a backcountry river trip. 

I’ve been dreaming of rafting the Colorado River, so when my dear friend Elizabeth Fortushniak, owner of Grand Junction Adventures, invited me on a 3-day hosted women’s retreat through Ruby Horsethief Canyon, I jumped at the chance. All opinions are my own. 

Grand Junction Adventures 3-Day Guided Rafting Trip

Day one kicked off with guests meeting at the Grand Junction Adventures shop in Las Colonias Park. We packed our personal gear into dry bags (provided). Some of us picked up tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads.  

Day 1: Float Through Horsethief Canyon, Set Up Camp, Yoga

Before getting on the water, the guides talked about river safety, wearing lifejackets, paddling, and properly using the bathroom in the backcountry. In case you don’t know, all #2s are done on “the groover.” 

Safety Talk 

Self-Guided Tours

The groover got its nickname because it’s an ammo can. Naturally, it left “grooves” on people’s bottoms before the invention of the groover-specific toilet seat. Long story short, leaving no trace also applies to using the bathroom.  

Float Through Horsethief Canyon 

We floated for two hours before stopping for lunch. The crew made us healthy wraps with fresh fruit and gluten-free cookies. After lunch, we paddled for four to five more hours, enjoying the red rock canyon views and a surprise viewing of desert bighorn sheep before making it to camp. 

Self-Guided Tours

Gear was unloaded, camp was set up, and everyone took time to soak in the cool river. Snacks and tarot cards amused us before dinner, which was a delicious taco salad.  

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