Explore The 5 Best Hot Springs in Colorado for a Relaxing Soak

Colorado is known for its amazing scenery, majestic mountains, and pristine wilderness. But did you know that the “Centennial State” is also home to dozens of hot springs?  

If you’re looking to take a relaxing soak surrounded by natural beauty, here are five of the best hot springs in Colorado. You don’t have to hike to any of these. 

5 Best Hot Springs in Colorado

Located in Ouray, Colorado, the Ouray Hot Springs sit in a valley surrounded by mountains. You might even get views of Mt. Sneffels, a 14,000+ foot mountain in the Ouray area, if it is not hiding behind the clouds. Ouray is not too far from Telluride if you’re exploring the area for the weekend.

1. Ouray Hot Springs, Ouray

Orvis Hot Springs is just south of Ridgway, Colorado, on the way into Ouray, Colorado. This facility has a more natural feel with lots of different pools to choose from.  A massive privacy fence surrounds the facility. It is super fun to visit in the dark and during the winter. And, obviously, no photos are available. 

2. Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway

Self-Guided Tours

Glenwood Springs is home to one of Colorado’s most well-known hot springs pools just off I-70. The springs sit in the valley where the natural hot water is piped right out of the mountain. 

3. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, Glenwood Springs

4. The Springs Resort and Spa, Pagosa Spring

The Springs Resort and Spa is in Southeast Colorado in the town of Pagosa Springs. Pagosa Springs tends to have fewer crowds since it is further from the Denver metro area. 

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