From Jazz to Jambalaya: 13 Best Things To Do in New Orleans

New Orleans – the land of Creole food, jazz music, and out-of-this-world Mardi Gras celebrations – is one of the most popular places to visit in the United States. After all, there’s always something happening in this lively city. 

With the help of some of our local Louisiana friends, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in New Orleans. We hope that it comes in handy on your next NOLA trip. 

Best Things To Do in New Orleans

While in this district, you can pop by the historic French Market, watch the street performers in Jackson Square, admire the St. Louis Cathedral, and take a stroll on the famous Bourbon Street – and all of that is just the beginning of an epic Southern getaway. 

1. Spend Some Time in the French Quarter

If there’s one sweet treat that you have to try in New Orleans, it’s a beignet. When made properly, these airy, powdered sugar-covered donuts will have your mouth watering before you even take a bite. 

2. Binge on Beignets

Self-Guided Tours

By far, the most popular place to get beignets in New Orleans is Cafe du Monde. Opened in 1862, this historic cafe claims to have produced and sold the first-ever beignet – and you can still visit and try their creations today. 

3. Take a Swamp Boat Ride Through the Bayou

While New Orleans is known for its downtown, there’s more to the area than just the city. Get out into nature with a swamp boat ride through the Louisiana Bayou. 

Self-Guided Tours

Airboat Adventures offers some incredible swamp tours on both airboats and pontoon boats. As you sail along the water under Spanish moss-laden trees, your guide will share all sorts of fun facts about the bayou, New Orleans, and beyond.  

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