Guide To 3 Beautiful Washington National Parks From a Local

Known as the Evergreen State, it should come as no surprise to discover that Washington State is stunning.

But despite all of its natural beauty, Washington surprisingly has just three national parks: Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park, and North Cascades National Park – and all of them are worth a visit.  

Best Things To Do at Mount Rainier National Park

No visit to Mount Rainier National Park would be complete without the Skyline Trail hike. Known for its incredible views of Mount Rainier, this 5.5-mile trail is one of the most popular paths in the park (if not the most popular). 

Hike the Skyline Trail

Tackle the Fremont Lookout Trail

Check out the Fremont Lookout Trail instead for a different angle of the famed Mount Rainier. 

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At 5.7 miles long, this path is a smidge longer than the Skyline Trail, although it’s generally considered a little easier than the Skyline Trail. 

Pay a Visit to the Reflection Lakes

While Mount Rainier is great and all, it’s certainly not the only thing to see in this Washington National Park. 

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There are also the beautiful Reflection Lakes! While you can’t swim, fish, or boat in these lakes, you can still admire the pristine water with a lovely lakeside hike. 

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